Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's a BOY!!! ...What do you do with a boy?

They have officially determined BOY!  We are ecstatic! So far, everything looks good and healthy, which is a blessing.  He was moving all over the place, so much that we were there well over an hour with them trying to get the measurements needed.
Kaitlyn resisted at first, saying "Nooooo, it's not! It's a girl! It's a sister."  But, it didn't take long to convince her it was a boy, then when we told her the name, she approved immediately! Here is Kaitlyn revealing the news last week, which we also posted on Facebook.

This baby is going to be "Charlie"- Charles Armstrong Hill.  Named after my dad, Charles Arthur Alexander and also Justin's grandfather, Eric Charles Armstrong Hill.  Justin and his dad, Mark, also carry the middle name Armstrong, which has history of more of a family name than a middle name (with a story behind it).
My dad, Charlie, had three sisters, two daughters, three grand-daughters, and a female dog, so he is extra-thrilled to have a new male little buddy in the family!
Here's some pictures from the ultrasound, I know nobody else really cares, but I figured since I was blogging about it, I might as well include a couple!

His profile looks very similar to how Kaitlyn's looked, and, once again, they said he has long legs, so maybe he will be tall like Justin!

Busy Weekend Ahead!
Last night Justin and I went to a Christmas party given by some new friends we've met through his co-workers and golf crew.  It was a lot of fun, and I got to meet several new people.  Today we are going to the Bozeman Christmas Stroll, which is held downtown every year, and is a parade with Santa and tons of kids activities and good food :).  Tomorrow we are going to a Christmas musical at the Ellen theatre called "White Christmas", Justin got tickets for the three of us for my birthday, so I'm sure we will all enjoy that. Then we are doing dinner at "Evelyn's" house (our neighbors- and Evelyn is the little girl who is Kaitlyn's age, and they have a big time together!).

New Family Pics!
Justin's co-worker's wife, Anna, is a great photographer here in town, and so we did a little photo session last weekend for Christmas cards (and it had been a while), so here are a couple below! She is very talented!

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and is enjoying the holiday season!
-The Hills :)

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  1. Awww, love the family pics!!!! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!