Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exciting New Addition...

Yep, it's what you think, we are expecting a new addition to the Hill house this Spring, and couldn't be more excited!  I'm feeling great so far- Due date is April 10th (although we know how that went last time... about a month early), and we get to find out the much anticipated gender in exactly 1 week!!! The day before Thanksgiving!

It is such a mystery to me- I cannot wait until I know whether it's a boy or girl.  It just clears up so many questions, and beyond that, there has been a major girl trend in both of our families for some time, so a boy would really add an interesting twist.  I am one of two girls, my dad has three sisters, my sister has two girls, Justin's sister has two girls, and we have Kaitlyn!  It will be interesting- if it is a boy, the poor thing won't stand a chance with all those female cousins or he'll just get completely spoiled by them!  Very exciting.

The other exciting part is that come springtime, I'll be done working for a while, and be able to stay at home with the new little one!  I am so ready for this, been working so hard the past few years, and it is so challenging to try to balance work and being a mother.  I know the biggest challenge is probably going to be just being a mother, but at least I can start focusing all of my attention on it rather than splitting it between the two.  Moms that have gone from working to not working, I welcome your advice and ideas on how to best make that transition...

Here are some great pics we got on a hike we did through Hyalite Canyon, where there is a really beautiful waterfall. Gunther came on the adventure and didn't want to leave!

Well, it's officially cold now!  We had a nice drawn out October of cool fall weather and beautiful leaves, and delayed snow... but it is coming!  It's snowing as I'm writing this... right now I say it's beautiful, check back with me in March, and there might be some other choice words.  My mom was just here for a week while Justin was at a conference back east, and she saw snow in the forecast and said, "When do you think it will let up, Are we gonna be snowed in the whole week?"  And we just laughed because it will now snow from November to March/April, but life goes on, they have plows, and gravel trucks, and everyone bundles up and has 4 wheel/ All wheel drive and just goes about their life.  People love to ski and snowboard, take their kids sledding, and just really get in the middle of it, and that's what I love about this town, people really take advantage of all that it has to offer and make the best of it and enjoy.

Other new developments!  Kaitlyn is potty-trained!  Got her first haircut over the weekend, it took a while to get any hair at all!  She now loves to sing the ABC's and has been counting for a while now. She's really excited about being a big sister, she says she's going to teach "her" everything:  how to walk, talk, eat, crawl, and run.  Kaitlyn insists it's a girl!  She loves going to her pre-school, and enjoys making new friends!

Justin is doing great- He is enjoying his job and there are lots of new projects on the horizon that will be keeping him busy. He has done a phenomenal job at getting involved in the community and meeting new people (which he's never had a problem with).  But there is several organizations he latched onto immediately, which has been great: a LEADS group, Leadership Bozeman program, the Bozeman Trout Unlimited, and a Men's Golf League to name a few.  

We are planning to head back to Atlanta 12/22 through 1/3 for a nice long holiday visit!  So excited to see family and friends and be able to spend Christmas and New Years with everyone!  It will be busy but fun, and we plan to make the most of it!

Everyone have a great week!!!  I'll be doing a post with the gender specifics before Thanksgiving so stay tuned!!!


  1. Reading this made me miss you guys SO much! I'm so glad everyone is doing well, and yay for Kaitlyn being potty trained before starting the next round of diaper duty! I'm so happy that you're able to stay home and take care of your two little ones--what an adventure! Can't wait to see you at Christmas! Love you guys!
    The Coffeys :)

  2. OH how wonderful....congratulations! This child can call him/her self a native Montanan! I bet I know a couple of happy grandparents too!