Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Madness! Birthdays, Baby Due & New Rooms!

My goal has been to do at least one post per month, however, February kind of went by like a tornado!  Finishing up work for me was pretty stressful and being 9 months pregnant- at the end of each day, I have been done for!  As Kaitlyn says, "Charlie's taking up all the room in there!"

So, as of March 1st, I was done with work at Northwestern Mutual!  So far, it has been great. It's so nice to actually catch up on things like laundry, and plan some new meals, and pay more attention to everyone!   I can't ever imagine getting bored or running out of projects to work on or activities to do with the kids, especially this summer!

Justin's Birthday!
March 1st was also Justin's 32nd birthday!  So...Happy Birthday Justin- I'm no longer bringing in any money for us!  Haha!  Justin has actually been very excited for me to stop working for awhile and even more excited about the upcoming arrival of little Charlie!  For Justin's birthday, we got a sitter for Kaitlyn and went to a wonderful restaurant here in downtown Bozeman called Blackbird Kitchen.  It was amazing- very cozy little place with all healthy and natural ingredients and a wood fire grill.  Our salad was actually kale, don't think I've ever thought to try kale or had it out anywhere, it was delicious!  All he wanted for his birthday was a shotgun so he could delve into hunting season out here and take up a new hobby.  Here's a few pics from birthday festivities!

Justin's friend Steve also came down for a few days and they went snowmobiling in West Yellowstone and into Idaho.  They had a great time!

Kaitlyn's Birthday!
On Saturday, March 10th, we celebrated Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday!  We had a little party here at the house from 11am to 1pm with about 7 of her friends.  It was a "Tinkerbell Party" and the highlight was that Tinkerbell actually was invited!  Kaitlyn was completely beside herself!  Over the holidays, I met a girl at a cookie exchange party who started the local party character company, and sometimes, it's actually her that comes in character.  She made a wonderful Tinkerbell and came for an hour and brought a ton of balloons, did face painting and twisty balloons and just spent time with all the kids! Cute!  The dads grilled outside with Justin, and the kids got to play in the big field behind our house afterwards because the weather was in the 60's and beautiful!  She had a blast- here are some of the best pics!

Kaitlyn and Tinkerbell!
Having fun in the basement
 Tinkerbell's Arrival
 Daddy and Kaitlyn
 Evelyn, Maryn, and Kaitlyn getting twisty balloons made!
Brandon (Justin's co-worker) and Harlow (20 months)
 Kaitlyn opted for the arm unicorn tattoo!
 Evelyn opted for the full-on Spiderman face paint with her beautiful yellow party dress!!
 Blowing out her candle with Tinkerbell!
 Evelyn said it was "Spider-Girl"  (Our neighbor friend)
 Getting all sugared up!
The girls picking out what they want!
 She didn't understand why it washed off that night in the bath...
 "Bye Tinkerbell! Fly Safely" Kaitlyn said!!! Too funny!
Too much fun!  Later that night, we had been holding some gifts from all the Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, so we had more birthday fun that night!  All kinds of great things came with turning 3! We have been able to use that to warrant things by saying "Three year olds don't do this and that," and it has worked very nicely as a milestone!  

Charlie's Room is Ready!
For Charlie's room, we opted for a mountain theme, so we have everything all set up now, so below are the pics! It's very Montana, but very simple and subtle, which we liked!

Charlie Due Anyday!!!
BAM!!!  Here it is!  This is what the end looks like, people, especially for a short person!  This is the: can't put socks and shoes on, can't gracefully get in and out of bed, can't pick things up off the floor, etc.  PLEASE BE NEAR THE END!  This was taken today, it will be interesting to see how much longer he holds out.  Don't get too cozy in there Charlie!