Monday, October 3, 2011

Summer Recap- Part 2

Justin's Parents and Sean- 4th of July!
Again, I know I'm behind, but it really was a crazy summer that I am still trying to get my arms around!
The second Montana visit was Justin's parents and his youngest bro, Sean!  We had a great time celebrating the 4th, and another interesting trip to Yellowstone Park!  We got some great pictures thanks to Sean taking over the camera while Justin was driving!  Here's some of the best of Yellowstone... Actually, let's start with the video of a herd of buffalo running down the road as the guys were heading to go fishing.  This was wild, they are just driving along, and there's this herd, hundreds, just moving right along with the traffic...

There was a ton of pics, so here are some of the best!

 Sean, Justin and Mark went fly fishing on the Madison, the Firehole, and the Gibbon Rivers. Props to Sean, who caught the only fish of the trip!

 The Clan! We stayed overnight at West Yellowstone, a quaint little town right outside the West entrance.  It was the 3 Bear Lodge, and our room was themed, with a built in cabin for Kaitlyn (and lucky Sean) with a toddler bed and a twin! It was hysterical!
Here's a male and female elk and an up close bison- I think him and Sean shared some words...

Waterfalls, geysers, bison, elk, lakes, mountains, canyons, hot springs- we tried to see and capture it all! What a truly beautiful place, all in a natural and untouched environment for people to enjoy...

4th of July
Sean had to head on back home to VA on the 4th, so the rest of us went to a nearby little lake to watch the fireworks= don't have pics from these festivities, but people get into their fireworks out here like I've never seen before. There were 5-6 different major fireworks shows going on at each corner of this little pond (smaller than the 7 Oaks pond), right where we were.  Beyond that, because you can see for miles, we could watch shows from all over!  It was crazy.  This was the first year Kaitlyn hasn't been scared of them (like there's been so many years). But her first 4th, we were at Pete and Courtney's wedding, and my parents had her, and her second 4th, we were on vacation at the beach with Pete and Court, and she was terrified, and we went inside.  Haha- so it was nice to enjoy the show!
This was what Kaitlyn's hair looked like when Justin picked her up from school with his family when they arrived! Naptime does a number on her! Haha!

Stay tuned for Summer Recap #3...The Williams and Evans Visits!