Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where'd The "M" Go?

So, in Bozeman, the most notable hiking trail is called the "M"... The history here is that students from Montana State University whitewashed a ton of rocks in 1913 and placed them strategically off the south slope of Baldy Mountain about 5,800 feet up, and it has since been a landmark of the city and a fun thing to do. The actual "M" is about 250 ft in length and the trek up is about 1.5 miles with both a short steep route and a longer meandering easier route.  Kaitlyn now constantly looks for the "M" and if she can't see it from wherever we are, she gets a bit concerned, hence the title of the post "Where'd the "M" go?" Here's some pics...

Justin has done the hike with Gunther, but we have not all done it as of yet.  I don't know if Gunther will go on the second excursion because Justin said he didn't think he would make it back down. Haha! I can just see Justin carrying the 85lb Giant Schnauzer down a mountain b/c the dog got too tired... Here's Gunther on the trail...

We got a hiking pack for Kaitlyn, but the weather has had a slow start to summer, so we are hoping for a good opportunity here soon!  It's been raining and windy with sunny spurts here and there, but you just never know when they are coming!  It's not as predictable here for some reason.

The Double Rainbow!
This was the biggest coolest rainbow I've ever seen- Went across the whole sky, and was a double!  The picture does not even do it justice!  Very cool!

Summer Fun!
We've been very busy checking out new places, getting settled with work (if that's ever possible), and preparing for a long list of visitors this summer!  We cannot wait to see our family and friends!!!  My sister and her girls are coming this Wednesday, and my mom is coming Thursday staying about a week! Then Justin's parents and brother Sean are coming for the 4th of July!  Then we have our friends, Emily and Will coming the first week of August as they do a cross country road-trip (fun)! Next is both of my parents in August, and then my best friend who just got married, Jen and Reagan Evans coming for Labor Day! 
Beyond having lots of visitors come, we get to go to Thermopolis, Wyoming for Justin's semi-annual company trip, which will include all kinds of outdoor adventures including some serious whitewater rafting through the Wind River canyon, a water park, golf, and more!  Justin gets to go to Vegas for his friend, Mike's bachelor party and also to Colorado for another dirt biking trip with his dad and brother Sean.  The dirtbike trip that they did across the state of Montana several years ago is what really sparked Justin's interest in Montana.  Then, we get to go to Mike Goss' wedding in San Diego in late August!
So I guess just like everyone here, we will have a packed summer in order to get it all out of our system before the 7-8 months of snow hits!  Even then we have some visitor's tentatively planned for Thanksgiving and we are coming back to Atlanta for a few weeks over Christmas.

Hyalite Lake- Eager Us...
It is becoming the common joke around here that every time we try to check out something new, we are just a bit too early. There is apparently the most amazing canyon and lake with trails and view etc. about 30 minutes away.  Of course when we went a couple weeks ago, it was still snowing and the lake was covered with ice.  Very pretty none the less, but just humorous...

Justin actually went the next weekend to try and find some places to fish and it was completely void of snow and 2/3 of the reservoir had melted.  There were lots of people up there, but he mostly hiked along the river below the damn looking for some places to fish to no avail.  I think he enjoyed the scenery and solitude just as well.

Growing Up So Fast!
Are we potty-trained? "You betcha" (as they say here for everything)!  Yay!  She's potty-trained, we've taken the front off her crib, and she actually has enough hair for pig-tails! Slow down Kaitlyn!!!  She also has complete somewhat adult conversations with us that are rather hysterical!

This last one is of our visit to the "Museum of the Rockies"!  They have one of the most famous Dinosaur exhibits in the country and other cool stuff for adults and kids- Fun times!