Monday, April 25, 2011

Post #5: Back to Work, Easter Fun & Terrible Two's!!!

What a week!  Did I forget how hard it was to work while having a 2 year old?  She absolutely wears us out!!!  Well, to start at the beginning, last Monday I took Kaitlyn to her new daycare for a half day before starting my part-time job on Tuesday... I ended up having to completely come up with a "Plan B"!   Long story short, they did not make a good first impression when she arrived- the Director did not even take 5 minutes with me to go over her paperwork, collect any money, have a place for me to put her things, or even welcome her into the class! Most importantly, they did not change her pull-up for the full 4 hours she was there (I would put $100 on it).  It's a shame because the place has a good reputation and I liked her teacher (who happened to be out that day), but it was just unacceptable!
Justin and I were a little disturbed... I was close to panicking (yes, I really was), and Justin went driving around to see what other good places nearby he could find.  Luckily he saved the day and found a place while purchasing a snowboard from someone off Craigslist (he does not waste any time).  I immediately called and loved the Director, told her our situation and me and Kaitlyn visited at 4pm that afternoon.  At 5:30pm we were on our way to the other place to collect her belongings.  So just in the nick of time, she went to the new school Tuesday morning and I went to my first day of work at the Bozeman Northwestern Mutual office!  It was a success- she said she had fun, her teacher said she did great, and what almost was a disaster turned out ok!

Easter was a blast this weekend- The weather was beautiful, and we were out and about checking out all the fun things going on around town!
Classic! Some co-workers told me about a huge Easter egg hunt that one of the local churches puts together for the whole community, so we went to that on Saturday morning!  A funny thing about Bozeman is that you HAVE to wear sunglasses if there is snow- It gets so bright, you literally will not survive without them, so of course she had to get some too!  That is before the hunt...
They do the hunt at the MSU practice fields.... 50,000 eggs, inflatables, face painting, etc.  This is right before the hunt. No one told us you needed to camp out in order to actually get in position to get some eggs!  It was packed!

 It had snowed about 6 inches the night before, so luckily they had shoveled the fields for the event. She didn't get any eggs, but didn't really care one bit!  There's the mountains behind Justin- that is a standard view no matter where you are in the city!
This is Easter Sunday morning when Kaitlyn found what the Easter Bunny had left!  So exciting!  Followed by this was pancakes, dying our eggs, and visiting a church to celebrate the real meaning of Easter, which we were looking forward to. Kaitlyn said she did NOT want to go to church...
However, we finally all got dressed and out the door and even arrived early (which has not been our standard church way).  *Thanks Jess/Allie for the adorable purple dress!
This is Justin teaching her to use her new golf set! This is for Dad, Paw-Paw, and Mark!  It looks like Justin broke his back, but he is fine now :)  Justin made enchiladas for Sunday dinner, and we spent most of the afternoon outside.  We got a trailer for our bikes to tow Kaitlyn in and went for a ride as well.

So this is not a myth, they really go through a terrible stage, and we do not like it!  She has been obstinate, whiny, clingy, stubborn...hmmmm....difficult, hangs on you, wallers (some people have never heard this word- my mom used it when we were growing up: it means to roll and flail around regardless of your surroundings or what someone's asking you to do).  The whining really gets us- Do they realize that they are whining and that it doesn't get them anywhere?  Hopefully this stage passes soon!
We hope everyone had a Happy Easter and a great weekend!


  1. So glad all seems to be going that the school thing is worked out! We, of course, miss you here! Send us an email when you get your NML up and running!