Friday, April 15, 2011

Post #4- Goodbyes & New Adventures...

We've all been getting settled in this week and on a mission to find Kaitlyn a good school!  After a lengthy search, we have finally decided on the Children's Development Center in Downtown Bozeman.  She starts next week; she went for 1 hour today to meet her teacher and her class, and the visit was a success!  She came home and told Daddy "I liked my teacher, and met new friends Daddy!"  Too cute!  She was also excited about carrying her back-pack and getting to wear her snow boots on the playground... the little things!

I also start my new job at the Northwestern Mutual office in Bozeman on Tuesday!  There is ONE Northwestern office in the whole state of Montana, and it happens to be in Bozeman.  I will be doing a similar position to what I was doing in Atlanta (supporting an Agent), but I will also be helping their staff with office support and training.  I'll be doing 3 days a week, Tues/ Wed/ Thurs, so I am thrilled about that! The office looks very rustic like a log cabin and has a lot of "Montana" decor!

Now that I have access to all our pictures, I can share some good ones from those last couple weeks we spent in Atlanta with my family and Justin's family!   These first ones are of my sister's girls, Shelby (7) and Julie (3).  They has so much fun together, and are going to be very close cousins, despite the distance!

These next couple pics are of Justin's sister's girls, Ava (5), and Allie (3)!  Girls, Girls, Girls!!!  Kaitlyn LOVES spending time with her cousins, and Ava and Allie and Kaitlyn will also remain close despite the distance! They always have wild and silly times together!

Justin's job is going well! He stays pretty busy, and it is challenging because he is sort of creating his job as he goes. The company he works for did not have anyone focused solely on operations before he got there.  He is getting used to working from home, which is something he has never done before. It is so nice because we are able to have coffee and breakfast together in the mornings and most days lunch too!  He has gotten to be a part of some of these hilarious moments we've gotten to experience being home with Kaitlyn all this time, including peeing and pooping on the potty!  This is a work in progress, but she's doing great with it!

Justin is branching out as well and has met some people through the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce as well as some of the local leaders of Trout Unlimited which is a national conservation organization that works to keep stream and waterways clean and healthy for fish.  He may be looking to take on some responsibility with them in terms of children's programs and education.

Other things we have been doing is checking out some of the local restaurants, which have been great. Over the weekend, we drove up to Big Sky, which is a little ski village about 40 miles away. It was some beautiful scenery.  We even brought Gunther, who was ecstatic, and then we had lunch at a little village pub. Here are some pics of us and the drive...

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  1. YAY! Love those scenery pics!! Can't wait to see you next week!!!