Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Post #1: We're Moving! ....And How Do We Get There?

Welcome to our Blog!  Justin and I have been wanting to start a blog for a while- now we finally have an excuse... Moving across the country!  When we started putting the logistics together about how this was actually going to happen, we were told by many... "You better journal this somehow, or you will look back and not remember how it all went down."  I thought that was good advice, so here we are...

Justin and I have grown up most of our lives (middle school and up) in the Atlanta area, living in Alpharetta as kids, attending Georgia State University for college, and then moving back out to Alpharetta once we were married and to start our family.  Therefore, when the opportunity to move across the country came about, it was a little scary and a little exciting at the same time... We were excited about experiencing a new place yet sad to leave so many close family and friends. We finally came to the conclusion that if we ever were going to venture out, that now would be a good time to do it.

This all slowly developed over the past year or so when Justin got connected with the owner (father/son) of a company called  Pine Cove Consulting via a work conference they were all attending.  Pine Cove basically does technology consulting to school systems in the Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado area.  They needed a Director of Operations and Justin was finishing up his MBA up until this past December.  So once Justin graduated, they started talking more seriously and made him an offer to come on board.  He started with them as of January 1, 2011, working from Atlanta until we were able to get out there, which they understood would be a huge undertaking... And so the planning begun!!! 

We rented our house out within 5 days... We put all our belongings on a truck headed west...Our schedules are packed with work, errands, bittersweet good-byes, wedding festivities of close friends, visiting with family, and of course- the most anticipated first visit to our new home in Bozeman, Montana!
Sunday, March 6th, Justin and I (minus Kaitlyn) ventured out to go meet our movers!  <See next post and pics of our visit>

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