Friday, March 11, 2011

Post #2: The Move and Some Pictures...

Well, we are officially moved in as of 3/7!  Justin and I went out to Montana to meet our movers on Monday, and after several flight issues, lack of sleep, and a quick night out on the town, we can safely say that we do not want to move again for a long long time!  Here are some pics I've been able to compile of the city, our house, and some views of surrounding areas!

Bozeman is in the southwest part of the state- If you are like me and have never really known about ya go!  Yellowstone National Park is about 90 miles south of us.  The city is kind of down in a valley between several mountain ranges!

This is a view from one side of the city to the other, at the foothills of the mountains...
This is our house!  It's a ranch with a basement, and plenty of spare room for visitors!  It's in a neighborhood community with an open park area in the backyard, perfect for Gunther to run and make new friends!

This is the view of the mountains from our backyard- Wow!  In person it is truly amazing!

This is a shot of the Main St in Bozeman! It's a quaint small town with little shops, coffee bars, boutiques, bars, breweries, angler shops, etc. I think it is about a mile or two in length!

This is a shot of Montana State University, about 11,000 students and a very pretty campus!
I had to put this in here! This is what the Bozeman airport looks like- this is a lifesize bronze grizzly bear right in the middle of baggage claim and check-in. The airport is very rustic and looks like a log cabin, with 5 hangars, definitely the smallest airport I've ever been in!

This is a cool shot of the welcome sign I found! 

Over the next month, Justin and I are bouncing between here and there, I'm finishing up work here in Atlanta, visiting with my sister and her family, and attanding a bachelorette party for my closest friend whose wedding is at the end of April!  Justin is attending a wedding for one of his long-time friends out in LA, then coming back one last time to Atlanta before heading out across country with Gunther (our Giant Schnauzer) and luckily his mom!  We will finally be all together and settling in on April 6th!


  1. YAY, I love your blog already! So excited the move went smoothly! Can't wait to come visit later this year! Love you! Jen

  2. Good luck, Hills, on your new adventure! I can't wait to keep up with you guys on here.